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About the Pro Humanum Association

The Pro Humanum Association’s activity is aimed at preventing social exclusion and marginalisation of various social groups and also at preventing discrimination in every field of social life.

Respecting the principle of equal treatment and protection against discrimination are the most obvious duties of a democratic state. In Poland this demand comes directly from the constitution, EU law and also from international obligations of our country, which prohibits discrimination because of sex, „race”, ethnic background, religion, outlook, age, disability or sexual orientation.

However, the legal obligation of preventing discrimination does not solve the problem of its existence. According to social surveys, Polish society is still untolerant, full of stereotypes and prejudices, fear and hatred for everything that is different, strange. Therefore the Pro Humanum Association takes various actions aimed at changing this situation.

For stereotyping, prejudices and discrimination have destructive influence on the lives of many of us. Millions of people experience humiliation, unequal treatment, aggression, hatred and other forms of discrimination solely because of belonging to some of the „minority” groups. That is why we see the need to conduct a broadely defined educational activity which answers the needs of contemporary social life – including the education promoting the knowledge on human and civil rights, multiculturalism and tolerance, shaping the open attitudes.

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